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Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Wednesday

We are halfway through Erik's 2 weeks of doubles and out of the blue he had Wednesday off! I was so relieved to know that he got a break. Plus, the school was closed on Wednesday so I was home, too! Sometimes I wonder if things are going so well-what will happen next? But the fondant on the cake was that we got to see the new Harry Potter. I'm a huge fan, clearly.

Oh, and my parents and sisters are going to Cape Cod tomorrow and they're picking me up on the way. We've never been, but I can't wait to spend time with my family. I never get to see them this much. The next week gazing across the sound at Martha's Vineyard will keep my mind off the fact that Erik is working a million hours a week.

Don't forget to write a comment on my free Ben & Jerry's post. There is still time to get a free Flipped Out ice cream! I picked up mine today at Target Greatland but since they come in a two pack I'll wait until Erik gets home to have an ice cream social.

Food is Love,


Erin said...

Yippie for random days off! I'm sure that break is what you and Erik both needed to make it through this. I'm glad you two were able to go catch a flick.

I'm glad your family is coming to get you, sounds like a fun way to spend a weekend, and distract you from Erik's abscence.

Half way there!

A said...

I'm really glad I stumbled upon your blog! This past week has been really difficult for me lately.

Turtle said...

I agree with "A." I am so amazed that I have found people who understand how I feel. I have actually read comments that are word for word thoughts that I have had. Things have been rough lately with my chef. Reading your blog has made me go from tears to laughter and back again. I love the chef mumbles! I appreciate everyone's honesty and support for each other. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Honestly....how do you deal with time without him?? You are going to Cape Cod and he won't be there... To me, that is not distracting...that is a reminder that he is not able to participate in the activities that "normal" couples do together. Those times are very hard for me to except that he is working and has no choice but to work. I am dating a chef and he came over tonight (we live 30 minutes away) to leave at 3am this morning. I wanted to yell and tell him to stay since I have done that for him so many times....but of course...and respectively..he refused and went home. Sorry, but this is a venting blog....can anyone relate?

Jillybean said...

Allie, I can totally relate. Its Saturday and as I watch couple hold hands and stroll down the street I get jealous and feel resentment. My weekends arent even something I look forward to anymore bc I know they will be spent without my chef. I agree with you, its hard to do things without my chef-especially go to family events and be without him. It does remind me of the times we dont share together-which is A LOT. I'm only dating a chef Im not married to one. So I constantly wrestle with the idea if this is the life that I want for myself. I love my chef and I know he's the one for me but I hate that he's a chef. I know your supposed to except that person unconditionally but we all know thats bull. I cant except that he will work holidays, every weekend, nights and so on...So I'm in a dilemma. I still havent figured out what I want yet. I know I want him but not as a chef (which would never happen-being a chef is who he is) so do I except it or do i run like hell??

Jill Philly-PA