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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gun Control

To prepare for Erik's 17 day double schedule, which starts next week, we are spending a week in Columbus, Ohio with my family. Erik hasn't been out here for a while so it means a lot to me that he's spending time with my family and I on his vacation. Yes, he does get two weeks vacation  each year, though not allowed in a row. Week one was Italy and week two is Ohio. I know, the two can't compare-but family is family. 

There is a target range only minutes from my parents house so Erik and my brother went to shoot. Erik had  never fired a gun. Oh I wish he never went. He's been twice now and he is convinced he needs a gun to "protect our family". Are you kidding? I know that anything can happen to anyone-but we live in a condo building on the 20th floor. Oh, whatever-that's besides the point. Guns are dangerous! I don't want one anywhere near me! I know all about gun safety but so do a lot of people who got themselves or their children killed. 

That's only the first reason why I think guns in my house are a bad idea. There would be a lot of expenses for this thing. The permit, the gun, the lock box, the ammo, and WAIT there's more! (Picture me sounding like Billy Mays-rest his soul) Erik found a target range blocks from our house in Jersey City and now he wants to practice more so there are more fees involved like renting the stall, protective eye wear and headphones, and targets. Plus, he'll probably want to join the NRA! How many times have we both watched Bowling for Columbine? We own it for Pete's sake! You see, my husband likes toys. He likes spending money on toys. And like most "children" they eventually get bored with their toys.  I'm worried he'll get bored with shooting, but of course AFTER the money is all spent on the products. 

What is a wife to do? Do any of your husband's own guns? Help me have some peace of mind, please. 

And thank you to all the lovely wives who gave words of wisdom and support regarding my chef's 17 day binge of working. I really appreciate your advice and I'm looking into a dance class to occupy my time. Perhaps, Bollywood dancing...

Food is Love, 


Lisa said...

Erik don't do it! I forbid you! (I'm his mother, can I still do that?)

Hilary, you need to put your foot down on this one. Absolutely no!

Gabrielle said...

Guns are dangerous, but it's probably safer than him wanting a motorcycle! :-)

mine wants a boat. which is great except that we don't even own a home yet and given his 80 hr work week, i'm not sure when he thinks he will find the time for it!

Anonymous said...

We live in Texas and don't have a gun! Cars and houses in our neighborhood have been broken into, but I still say no, especially after a neighbor killed a man who was stealing his tv one night. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I have a gun safe with several firearms. I never use them and haven't since the day I got bored with them.
Erik go to the range and rent a gun to get it out of your system, I have probably $1000's of dollars just sitting in the safe. Total waste of money and effort. Spend the money on a smoking gun instead.


Hilary Battes said...

I have a feeling this gun dream will end quickly considering my husband has a huge bruise that fades from green to blue to red. How did he get the tri-colored bruise? Shooting guns.

And, of course, he already has a smoking gun.