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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tip of the Iceburg

Since we were in Columbus last week my mom brought up a topic that she brings up often when she's around Erik. She starts off calm but ends up heated and yelling about the inequalities of the restaurant industry. She believes that chefs should be tipped or included in the tip pool. But as someone...I wonder who...wrote years ago into the laws of most states, only service staff gets included in the tip pool; it is illegal for managers to get tips.

I knew a couple that used to tip for service and also send cash back to the kitchen to show their favorite cooks and chefs some love. I've bought beers for the guys at Perry St and I think they liked that enough.

Sure, I get it that waitstaff deserves tips, after all they only get paid a couple dollars an hour and they slave over unruly diners. But what about the chefs and cooks? Some servers make more money than the cooks who put in twice as many hours. Shouln't they get tipped? Are they not also performing a service like a barber, cab driver, or hotel maid? They are technically in the food service industry. I don't know the answer to this. It would be great if my husband got tips on top of his salary but knowing this brutal industry his pay would be decreased to $10,000 before that would ever happen. Heaven forbid chefs would actually make what they are worth. Or teachers for that matter, but that's another blog.

Food is Love,

PS It's day one of Erik's doubles. AHH! I'll be busy til Thursday with work, then Friday my brother and his girlfriend are coming into town. Yay! Plus, Erik and I just got our bikes from Ohio so I'll be riding bikes next week. I'll be busy enough!

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lonestarstudent said...

We went out to dinner last night and someone else in our party picked up the bill. We had plenty of cash expecting to pay for our own part of the bill so my chef walked back to the open kitchen and handed the guy at expo $20 for each of the the guys in the kitchen. They were really appreciative. I was glad we could do it!