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Sunday, July 19, 2009

BBQ Road Trippin'

I came across a new blog today and I just have to share it with you since it involves a chef and his wife. Pete Daversa, the Pitmaster at one of my favorite go-to restaurants, Hill Country is going on a BBQ tour. Traveling with Pete is his wife, Kristin and dog, Marley. They're traveling to BBQ joints East of the Mississippi and writing about the sights, sounds, and food on the way.
I would love to go on a food tour with Erik, but I don't think I'd choose BBQ. I'd love to go on a burrito tour in the southwest. I'm all about cilantro, cheese, avocados, and sour cream covering a couple scoop-fulls of meat, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. 

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Food is Love, 

Would anyone else want to road trip it with their chef (should they have the time off)? And where would you go? What would you eat?


A said...

I think we would do a wine tasting tour all over Europe. We'd definitely eat at obscure, family owned restaurants and farms in the countryside along with the Michelin starred ones.

[It's 2 am and I'm reading your blog. It's been almost one week at the new restaurant and I'm having trouble sleeping without him. We've barely been able to have a conversation lasting more than 5 minutes this week and this is getting frustrating!]

Pitmaster's Wife said...

Thanks for the post, Hilary! We're still on the road - a few more days to go and I'm sad the time together will end, but the loooong drives are getting a little tiring!