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Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't Steal My Chef

I know there are misconceptions out there about the glamorous lives of chefs, but I've had another first hand experience with someone thinking my husband is some sort of "perfect husband". Spare me.

Erik needs to take a sleep test this week and the woman at the sleep center who is setting everything up for us is so sweet. At first she only said, "I'm sure your husband won't even eat the free breakfast we offer, since he's a chef". Free breakfast? He'll take two! Then last night when Erik was talking to her she joked that the only reason I was staying overnight with Erik was so that I could make sure no one would steal my chefhusband. I'm actually going for moral support, but she's one of the many who see an alluring lifestyle that chefs lead. And to be completely honest with you, I fall victim to it as well.

Although I know first hand of the non-classy and non-exciting parts of being married to a chef I seem to think that the big wig chefs like Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Thomas Keller, and the like have incredibly desirable lives all equipped with long vacations on French beaches and smart parties on yachts. I suppose the grass always seems greener even when you know first hand that it's not.

Food is Love,


Alyssa said...

If she's looking to steal a chefhusband, tell her she can have mine.

married2thecook said...

i am sure that Thomas Keller's SO could tell you how un-glam her life is with the man who is always on the road or in thought about the next great thing. there is a reason the divorce rate is so high. It take a very special, very strong, very balanced, independent and slight insane person to be the wife, husband, partner to a chef. throw kids into that mix and well...we are just plain certifiable!

Melia said...

I sometimes worry about some snooty attractive client or relentless slutty waitress trying to steal my chef - and not because I don't have self-esteem, but just because temptation can strike up anywhere, especially in such an alluring and seductive industry such as the one he works in. And then there's the fact that when he comes home to see me, he is tired and that previous seduction has worn off.

Although we see the non-glam side of being a chefwife, they will (or should) continue to love us because we are the ones who will stay up until 1 in the morning to see them walk in the door, we will rub their feet and their backs and take the stains off their chef coats, we are the only ones who will be brave enough to cook dinner to feed our "picky" chefs when no one else will. Behind every successful man is a woman!

Anonymous said...

Yes everyone thinks its so very food network
they should smell their socks

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean. My husband comes back smelling like garlic and onions at 2:00 am and it kind of makes me light headed.

Tiger Lily said...

Well I no longer rub feet or take the stains out of coats, so some things have changed...but what hasn't is thinking my hubby rocks, but not because he's a chef...oh god no. Glam my ass! I met my husband at work, like maybe some others (because yes, we shit where we eat, so to speak)...and its all great until you're home someday with the kids and "dining" has become just plain "dinner", because you have much bigger fish to fry...fevers, troubles on the playground, autism, biting, and basically raising humans! It puts things in perspective ya know? But them some sluttie little food runner who thinks your husband is oh so cute starts waiting for him outside the kitchen door! She doesn't care that you're married and have kids, she wants him! Well I may be older and a "simple stay at home mom", but back off bitch!

Anonymous said...

called homewreckers who are dumbfounded by everything and they are more than welcome to have mine he'll come with bake goods.