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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chef Mumbles

Where am I? Am I blending whipped cream?

No. You're sleeping... in a bed... on the 20th floor... in Jersey City.

I need nice, soft peaks for this whipped cream.


Food is Love,


LA RN said...

Ha! Super cute! It is necessary to have nice, soft peaks...

Eat Me Outta Here said...

Yes nice soft peaks is a must! He must be making a delicious dessert!

Anonymous said...

My Chef talked about a garlic press
one night!

Anonymous said...

Ok I am new to your blog and this made me laugh out loud! My husband is also a Chef, and he woke me up the other night talking is his sleep saying... "I need you to whip that more, there needs to be more air in it", then said "julienne those carrots, come on!". So I realte to this. Thank you for creating this blog!

Lia said...

I left the message above, My name is Talia, from Santa Rosa.