Speak Up

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chef Mumbles

It's been a while since Erik has said anything in his sleep so I was beginning to wonder if stopped dreaming about work. I found out this morning, that is certainly not the case.

"Can you drop one more egg re-fire? I know I'm dreaming. I know I'm sleeping. But we need one more fried egg. "



Go Erin Go said...

That's so sad. He even was aware it was a dream, but still was determined to get it done.

I feel for you, DCW. The other night my cook was convinced he had to cook salmon all through the night.

Jessica Conant-Park said...

Aw, he's back! I was missing Erik's mumbles, too!

Katie Mueller said...

Classic! You could write a book of all his 'work-mare' mumbles

Anonymous said...

The one I heard was "Just do it, if you do the sidework we can all go home!"

At times my Eric argues in his sleep thinking I'm one of his employees.