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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Cannoli!

What was I thinking??? Why did I let Erik plan this vacation? Well, he plans all of the vacations which seem to make up for the lack of housework and bill paying he does. LOVE YOU.

We are leaving in 4 days with NO DIRECTION. No plans, no maps, no translation dictionaries. Holy Cannoli. We are in for it. Flying into Milan Sunday/Monday. 2 days in Venice. 3 days in Florence. It's going to be quick, but memorable. I can't wait, but I'm scared because we don't have a plan. Well, we have 2/3 hotels, but no train tickets. Last year we went to Costa Rica-you don't need a plan for Costa Rica. Beach, sun, sand, hammock, read, hang out with monkeys. The year before that we went on a Caribbean cruise- you don't need a plan for a cruise. They plan the whole thing for you. But Italy-you need a freakin' plan!!

So far this is all I have:

1. eat

2. drink

3. chill with my chef BEFORE 2 AM.

Any suggestions?



SarahWM said...

you could just purchase euro-rail tickets for the week and travel whenever you want. However, doing that does not reserve your seat and you may not be able to go 1st class all the time (try to do that if possible!) Get lost in Venice and just wander...there will be tons of tourists in all the main-traveled paths. Climb to the top of the duomo in Florence...but that's about all I remember from Florence. That and lots of churches and an art museum. Check out a Fodor's from the library and read it on the way over!

Above all, relax and HAVE FUN!!

psa ri said...

Oooh! You can't go wrong with anything you do in Venezia & Firenze! I'd give my last bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs in July to go to Italy right now!

Let's see...definitely wear comfy shoes since you'll do a lot of walking in both of those cities!
Enjoy the gelato (a different flavor each day is the best way to go!), all the food & the vino, of course!

If you have time in Florence cross the Arno & go to Forte di Belvedere b/c there is an amazing postcard-worthy view of the Duomo & Florence.

I was there for 6 months so saw a lot but one thing I was particularly moved by was seeing Michelangelo's David (not b/c of THAT!) b/c you walk in to the Accademia & see the unfinished pieces & then turn your head & there's David in all his glory & you see the triumph of man over matter & the man breaking out of the marble and it's quite a thing to see.

I'm a planner so I would definitely get maps & a good guidebook and have a rough plan to maximize time, but don't be too attached to the plan b/c often things come up to divert you from your plan!

Buon viaggio & buon divertimento!