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Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Stop Shopping

It's pretty funny that people are lead to my website via Google by entering very random search queries. They ask for help dealing with being married to a chef and also ways to meet single chefs. These two groups of women should really get together. Maybe I could change my site name ...
Search/Date/Marry: A girl's guide to finding, hooking, and making true love last with a chef.
Too long?

Here's a list of my favorite keywords that lead to DesperateChefsWives.com

1. most chefs burnout

2. married chef problems/lonely chefs wives/married chef issues/relationship advice for working chefs

3. single chefs

4. marrying a chef

5. perry st chef housewife-I'm not a housewife!

6. gay chefs

7. wives of chefs support group

8. my husband is a chef /alone

9. chefs in a recession

10. is mike colameco married/is david chang married?/is aaron sanchez married?/johnny iuzzini married?/is whylie dufresne married?

11. chefs and family time

12. how to take care of chef's hands

13. my husband is a chef and he's always gone

14. korean desperate for a chef

15. My favorite: its hard dating a chef.

No kidding.




Anonymous said...

How about "get a life?"

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. Perry St housewife is chic...LOL

Some people need schooling! Go get 'em teacher!