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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chef Mumbles

DB burger.

Around 5:23 I got the call from the branches of the phone tree at work saying that school was cancelled. Well this quick phone call must have triggered something in Erik because he was yammering on about a burger restaurant.

"Did she get your order?"

"Order, no that was S, there is no school today."

"Yeah, but did you place your order? We are in a burger joint, right?"

"NO! We are in our bedroom, it's 5:3o AM. No burgers."

"Yeah, we have to order the burgers. I know there are burgers here."

This non-conversation went on for about 10 minutes and I was fuming by the end. If I didn't have to get up for work, I wanted to sleep in as long as I could. I think this edition of chef mumbles was triggered by my husband's general love of burgers and our recent trip to 5 Guys in Hoboken. It's our new favorite burger place. And it's not even in our bedroom-they have locations all over.




Anonymous said...

when i asked my husband last night what he did with the wine he just opened, he said, in a state of delirium "it's in the walk-in" :)

Hilary Battes said...

They sometimes forget to "turn off" the chef.

Anonymous said...

My favorite from my chef: "Twelve portions..." what? "The gratin makes twelve portions. He shouldn't be getting less. Tell him" Ok honey. I will. :)