Speak Up

Friday, January 2, 2009

Fancy Feline

I came across this video a while ago, but it just occurred to me that I should share it with you since it's A: Hilaryous and B: involves food and table manners. 

The question is: Is this woman insane or skilled at teaching cats useless tricks? And why won't she share her secret? My theory is that there is a rubber band attached to the fork and the cat's paw. Even at that, the cat still actually eats with it instead of doing that backwards walking cat thing they do when they want to get something (like doll's clothes) off them. 

Do I wish my cats could do this? YES Do I want them or their smelly food anywhere near me and my food? NEVER!

DCW_Still in Columbus, Ohio

I'm driving back to New Jersey tomorrow so wish me luck on my 8 hour drive. There will be a pit stop in Zanesville, Ohio to pick up a cooler full of farm raised meat from my uncle. Yea!