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Friday, January 30, 2009

The Anti-Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay knows how to run restaurants and make delicious food. And another thing he's good at: he is wonderful at getting the bottom of barrel wannabe-chefs to perform like monkeys on Hell's Kitchen. I can't believe the rag-tag group of food service employees that FOX managed to scrape out of the woodwork. Corporate buffet workers, food court cooks, catering cooks and even a cooking school teacher who never went to cooking school. These people are laughable and I love it!!!

Hell's kitchen is one of my most favorite cooking shows. It's totally outrageous and unreal, but Gordon Ramsay is such a jerk that it's like watching a rough horror film-you just can't turn away. Then I wonder if I should try out. I've got the look-whatever that is, I'm young and I'm married to a chef so I am clearly as unqualified as I need to be. But then again, I don't think I could take GR calling me a donkey and picking at my deepest insecurities.

Catch full episodes on the Hell's Kitchen website.

P.S. Restaurant week is pretty much over! My husband will return to a normal state of being now! I'd like to think he'll come home earlier and mumble less about burgers in his sleep-but I know not to hold my breath.




Anonymous said...

My favorite is the girl who didn't even know that scallops came in a shell!

Anonymous said...

Luv Gordy! (Yeah, he doesn't yell at me though) LOL