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Monday, August 11, 2008

Juiced Up Chefs

Right now I'm listening to my husband and brother exchange secrets of staying pumped. Erik, the chef needs energy to keep the line going 70 hours a week. My brother, a 19 year old BMX biker and soon to be college coed needs energy for who knows what. The things I'm hearing are making me laugh. And wonder.

At Perry St. the staff has developed a series of mixed drinks with more energy than they know what to do with. Erik thrives not only on the rush of energy, but it also elevates his mood, and gives him increased focus and mental clarity. These guys must keep the bodega in business with coffee, tea, and energy drinks. I'm glad my husband hasn't fallen into drugs like Bourdain and so many other chefs, but I'm not sure being drugged up on caffeine is much better.

The drinks that drive them:

1. Coffee/Espresso- self explanatory

2. Energy drinks- this includes Red Bull, Monster, Rock star, Arizona Energy, 5 Hour Energy and even Energy Rush, a 4C powder you add to water (equal to TWO 8.3 oz energy drinks!)

3. Tea- again, you know about tea

4. Arnold Palmer- a classic mix of tea and lemonade

5. Tiger Woods- a Red Bull mixed with a quart of iced tea

6. Michael Jordan- an Energy Rush powder packet mixed with a quart of iced tea

7. Michael Jackson- an Energy Rush powder packet AND a Red Bull mixed with a quart of iced tea

6. Yet to be named- a quart of iced tea mixed with FOUR espressos

Really? Erik described it like an illegal drug addiction in the sense that the "high" is never enough. They call it "chasing the dragon". These guys are always looking for something else to keep them going all night. More coffee, more energy drinks, more caffeine. The sad part is, they seem to get sick afterwards yet they all do it again the next night.

What does your chef use to stay awake and energized? (if anything at all)



Anonymous said...

What about the Jackson Pollack?

Anonymous said...

what's that?

Jennifer Queen of Moser said...
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Jennifer Queen of Moser said...

I got into my chef's car one morning and saw, no lie, about 8 or 10 empty 5 hour energy bottles. It's his "up" of choice these days - it used to be sugar free red bulls, but I think he built up an immunity to them...

i'll have to tell him about your list!

Anonymous said...

Hi there- I spotted this...it's old, but involves Perry from last year.



ChefDelbert said...

20 tea bags; 2 cups of sugar; 2 qts. of water; 3 lemons.
Steep tea for 30 minutes add sugar & lemons.
It will be a reddish color we called it " Zipp tea"

I can't mention what we used to stir into our coffee to get through the Sunday brunch after leaving at 2 a.m. on a Saturday.
(I digress) - yes, it was ala Bourdain

Anonymous said...

For a while my husband was making all sorts of juices for him and the guys to have a healthy way to get energy. It worked! Then the juicer broke...now they're back to energy drinks and coffee.

One Fat Chef said...

Oh for me its coffee with espresso shots all the way!