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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He's My Favorite

Obviously those of you who read this blog have a chef you hold dear to your heart. He or she may be your husband, wife, son, father, neighbor, or all time crush. But I want to know about your number two. Who is the chef (besides your husband) who you adore? Does he host a tv show? Does he boast a soothing European accent? Does he cook the daily special at your local bistro?

My number two shouldn't be a shocker to most who know me. Jean-Georges Vongerichten is my favorite chef, besides Erik. Sunday night at Matsugen I was lucky enough to bump into Mr. Vongerichten. Ahhh, Jean-Georges. I don't know exactly what it is, but I just love the guy. I certainly don't have a crush him, but I explained it to Erik in this way: Jean Georges has supported and guided my husband for the last five years and anyone who cares for Erik in the same way I do deserves my appreciation. And when I think of JG, he's more than an Alsatian born restaurateur. The idea of JG is a combination of the culinary world that has been so good to us, Greg Brainin and the end product (thus far), Perry St.



Anonymous said...

Check this out on Taylor Lord:



Anonymous said...

Oh thank god..another JGV fan. Perry, Vong, Mercer, JG, JoJo, 66

Loved them all- still do. I am scared to try Matsugen for I have never ate authentic Japanese food before and an intimidated by the whole slurping thing. When I get my nerve up, we will swing by at an odd hour like 5:30pm when it should be mostly empty.



Anonymous said...

Susur! Canadian chef pride!

Anonymous said...

Susur! Canadian chef pride!