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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Freedom of Choice

Spice Market

It's Sunday today. This is the first -and only - full day off together so a number of things are going to happen (as soon as Erik wakes up or course). Some weekend activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Grocery shopping: For some reason Erik and I have always done the food shopping together. Due to odd circumstances I've had to push the cart alone and it's torture! I don't really enjoy grocery shopping anyways, but with Erik it turns into an event. Almost like a date.

  • General Errands: Maybe we'll make a stop at our favorite love/hate store Wal-Mart for turtle food or Q-Tips. We might end up getting haircuts together. Or possibly we'll even walk to the bank to deposit :-), or withdrawal :-( some money.

  • Veg Out: The word homebody doesn't begin to describe my love of relaxing at home. I love my home, my cats and my the general space and mood of this place. Erik and I watch movies, play games , and have now taken up exercising with the Wii Fit. Plus, staying at home seems to really help recuperate for another week at Perry St.

  • Taking Walks: We don't have dogs, but we are beginning to walk a lot more, especially during the nice summer months. We have nice a nice neighborhood to stroll in with the NYC skyline right across the street and park right on the Hudson.
  • EATING OUT: We have to, must, definitely need to eat out every weekend. Sometimes even three times in a day. I'm the CFO of this family so of course if there is food in the fridge, I'll want to stay home. But before the factory bell whistles on Saturday night, Erik is already planning our weekend eats. Sure, I should take his advice, he is a chef after all and knows a lot of great places. But I'm a human, I eat too and I don't know that I've ever picked our places of dining out. Once in a while when it's between two local joints, I will have my voice heard.
What is it with chefs eating out? Is it just Erik or are they all like this? Does he feel like he's earned it since he's done the cooking all week for others? Or is is trying to avoid cooking at home, again, since he's done the cooking all week for others?

Am I the only wife who feels I follow my husband blindly to any restaurant he wants to go to? Am I the only wife who would rather stay in more and eat out less? They say to pick your battles, and I think for now I'll let this one go. It's not terrible at all that my husband brings me to so many restaurants. After all, I wouldn't have the exposure to cuisine that I do without all the experiences of dining out.

And tonight: Matsugen.



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NikkiBee said...

Ive found that my chef enjoys eating in more often, just for the fact that were saving $ for a house, and since I only see him about 3-6 days out of the month, we like to make a date of it and cook together. Dont get me wrong, we love to eat out, me more than him, but while he is away on the yacht, thats my time to go out and keep my mind occupied. Besides, I hate cooking for 1 person.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I've been thinking about getting a Wii Fit because I hate hate hate to exercise but love to eat. About how much is it for all the equipment you need to get started? Any good games/sports to try?

Portland, OR

Grumpy Chef said...

abosolutely loving your blog, as is my wife. have added a link from my site thegrumpychef.blogspot.com.

Keep up the fantastic work.