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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tossed Salad: Family Hour, Summer Hot Chocolate, and Olympic Fever

Top of the Rock with my bro Chris

My brother (19) came to visit this week before he starts at Ohio State this fall. Right now he's in Boston BMX biking, checking out thrift stores, and rocking at a concert. I love when family comes to visit because I get the chance to go around the city to events/places I've never been. We made our way over to the MoMA, Top of the Rock, Chinatown, Little Italy, Nolita, Soho, Pinkberry, NYU, The West Village, and eventually we found ourselves slurping up Frozen Hot Chocolates at Serendipity 3. It was an hour wait at 7 PM on a Friday, but well worth the wait. I would never order food from that place, it looked just a step above plastic play food. But the frozen hot chocolate was tasty and the REAL whip cream made it perfect.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Oh, wow. I've got it bad. Olympic fever has got me bedridden. This connection to the bed is partly due to being so exhausted from the above listed activities though. Anyways, I coached gymnastics for 8 years after I failed miserably at anything but the dance moves. I've always been a fan of the sport and the Olympics is the ultimate showdown of world athletes in the sport. Not only that, but the opening ceremony blew my mind. Never have I seen a artistic performance on such high intelligence and discipline.

My early gymnastics days and my favorite on the USA team, Nastia Liukin.

There you have it. My first "tossed salad"- not sure if I like the name yet. I'll take ideas if you've got something better to describe a whole bunch of different things.



Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful in that picture with your brother! How was the picnic?


Hilary Battes said...

Thanks, BB!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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