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Monday, December 3, 2007


Photo Source: Eater.com
This past Saturday night I was lucky enough to turn my usual duo of wives into a trio at Maremma on W 10th between Bleeker and Hudson. I met a newlywed chefwife, M to share pasta and tiramisu with.
The staff at Maremma is one worth writing about. I had originally made a ressy for 6 people and it quickly dwindled down to a cozy three. I was worried about being charged for not bringing my whole party but after calling the reservationist several times and bothering the hell out her we worked it all out. She was more than kind and her voice actually seemed happy to be speaking with me. The smiles didn't stop there. Both hostesses (and maybe the same reservationsist I spoke with on the phone) were kind and bubbly when I arrived. Though I was late no thank you to the broken downtown 1 line. Nightmare.
And as far as food goes I enjoyed myself and will be back for more-probably bringing the chefhusband. We were practically buried in wines and appetizers and a trio of desserts picked out by the personable Chef Cesare Casella himself who was flaunting a chef coat pocket of fresh herbs. (even after hours in his street clothes shirt pocket) We each ordered a pasta to warm us up: the pescatora, moonshine, and I had the special of rigatoni with bacon and red onion. I wish I had a bigger bowl it was so good. Simplistic and tasty-just how I like.
So-go there, it's worth it. It's the place on 10th with the lime green doors and bubbly hostesses.

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