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Friday, December 7, 2007

Several Things About December

What a week! I will spare you the details of my stressful week because I imagine that you have had one too. December sure seems to be taking a toll on everyone. And it's sad too because now my chefhusband says he is starting to hate holidays. I can't blame him though. This time of year is great for business, especially in New York, but that means more private parties and more hours of work each night. And on top of all that, he is working while everyone else gets to relax around a fire and attend quaint holiday parties with red and gold sweaters and cheese trays.

Jean-Georges, if you are reading this-how about closing on a holiday? Just one?

Ha! I can't even type that with a straight face because so much revenue get pulled in on holidays. I just want my man around for Christmas and or New Years. This year will be no different though-ringing in 2008 while sleeping on the sofa waiting for my man. But I'm tough-I can handle it. Thank goodness for family! Then again, maybe I'll come back from Ohio early to pop into Perry St. at midnight to capture a glimpse of my chef while he's at work.


I do have to share two PERFECT gifts for anyone.

A personal calendar from CreatePhotoCalendars. They did a fantastic job with my annual calendar I give to my parents. I know that nearly every photo printer (shutterfly, walmart, Kodak) provide calendars you can make-but this one is the best with up to 9 pictures on a month and tons of borders to choose from.

While I'm giving away free plugs-my father's music makes a great gift as well.
Not that I'm boasting or anything but he's been on Johnny Carson twice, nominated for a couple Grammys, and played for 3 US presidents. Us Records has the best soothing piano music and instrumental cds to add that special touch to your holiday party. Man, I should be a door to door saleswoman.

Well its 7:30 on a Friday night and I think I'm going to play me some Nintendo Wii before falling asleep on the beloved sofa.




Anonymous said...

I've never really been a fan of new year's to begin with. But when you start dating a chef, and your would-be first new years together is spent with 6 other couples while your man works...let's just say my enthusiasm over new year’s plummeted.
As I sat miserably sipping champagne last year the girl across the table says “don’t be upset, new year’s is not that big of a deal anyway.” Oh really? Easy for you to say considering your sitting next to your husband! Really though…I’m not bitter :) This year, well, who knows. I was told he would be able to get out around 11 or 11:30. Although it would be amazing, I’m not holding my breath. So if I am alone at midnight this year, I'll be thinking of all the other chef wives out there who share my pain.

Hilary Battes said...

Hey snack dater-is your man "snax" on PX THIS? Just curious. Maybe its a popular name...my chef was called "snacks" in his early JG days as a line cook.

I know I won't see my man on New Years so I'm going to try and work-if you can't beat them, join them!

Anonymous said...

I certainly would ring in the new year at his restaurant's bar so at least we are under the same roof!

Anonymous said...

Last year was the first time in our 6-year relationship that we spent new year's together, and we had a big party at our apartment. Every other year, we've both had to work, so that wasn't so bad knowing we couldn't have been together anyway. It's true though, I hate new year's, it's always so anticlimactic.


lola said...

I'm spending New Year's without my man--he has to work at a party, of course. My girlfriend, who is also dating someone in catering, and I are going out to dinner at her friend's restaurant.