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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year! or Bring it on, 2008

In just a few short hours 2007 will be just a memory, a short moment in our long lives. So, as tradition has it we are supposed to make a list of things that we suck at and need to improve on. Honestly, I usually don't make resolutions; I was always so tired of the annoying local new anchors gabbing about the SAME ones over and over again. Yes, most of us should drink less, exercise more, and eat healthy. But here are a list of my very own resolutions, no kidding.

***1. Save money to move out of tiny rental condo and BUY a new, owned tiny condo. (This is the big one!)

2. Keep the DCW active and exciting.

3. Pick less battles with chefhusband.

4. Get more haircuts.

5. Break down, and learn to cook for myself. (Things that come in a box won't count)
6. Read more books, starting with "Simmer Down" by Jessica Conant-Park and amazing
chefwife author. (post on book to come later)
7. Meet more phenomenal wives!
8. Travel to Brooklyn.
9. Visit DC on Spring break.
10. Stop meddling in chefhusband's business that is not meant for me.
And your resolutions?
sorry for annoying spacing errors. Resolution number eleven: become a master blogger.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm so excited Simmer Down is on your list! My husband read it and said it needed more food in it. Sigh. After explaining that it wasn't actually a cookbook and therefore needed other text, he seemed more accepting.

And is there something about being married to a chef that lessens the frequency of haircuts? I seem to have the same problem...And I hear you on the meddling thing, too. It's so hard to keep my trap shut when the CH starts moaning and groaning about idiot line cooks or incompetent wait staff. What's a DCW to do???