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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Minus the Chef

So one of my new chefwife pals, BB, gave me a great idea for a post. Which I love because YOU are my inspiration...and the wind beneath my wings and all that crap.

With Thanksgiving just a few short days away I'm curious to know what all of your plans are? Is your chef home? Are you going to visit your folks? Cooking for one? Parade? Football? Let's hear it!
As for me, my most perfectly imperfect family is coming out from Columbus, Ohio to stay for several days and watch the parade from chefwife J's office on Broadway-among other things. You know we'll be hitting up Canal St. for some Christmas gifts. My chef is working so my family won't even get to see him. Been there, done that! I'm so annoyed. BUT on the bright side, because there is always one) my folks will FINALLY get to eat at Perry St. As much as I will miss my man on Thanksgiving one of the best perks to being a chefs' wife is when you see him walk from his kitchen in his whites to greet you at your table. Nothing better. For those few instances when he's with you at the table you feel as if you are married to the most important man in the world. But really, aren't we all?

As far as Thanksgiving food goes, it might be something on Mulberry St, it might be Chinese food because there is no way I'm cooking. (I have no idea how!)

Leave some comments on your plans!


My most perfectly imperfect family. July 07 (minus the chef of course!)


Anonymous said...

I am going to the restaurant where my chef is working for Thanksgiving, with 9 other friends! My table started out at 4, and then the whole thing just snowballed and now all my dearest friends in the city (minus one who's going home to PA) will be joining me. I'm really excited! And because we're going to his restaurant, I won't have to miss him. I've usually gone wherever he's working on Thanksgiving, with a few friends and family, but this is the biggest table I've had so far.

Don't worry, one of these days you'll feel brave enough to tackle Thanksgiving dinner yourself! I finally cooked a small one two years ago, just for myself and my sister, and it was fun. We only made a turkey breast and leg on the bone (I had Chef get me those two pieces), potatoes, stuffing, and salad, if I remember correctly. We bought a pumpkin pie. I definitely recommend that the first time you do it, start small so you don't feel overwhelmed.


Anonymous said...

One of THE most annoying things about being married to a chef is that the family always "expects" him to be the one cooking for the Holidays. Nothing irritates my chef more. Especially since my family sitting down for dinner is like pigs going to the trough. If my chefs food is not eaten with respect and dignity, he gets waaaaay offended. Do any of you chefwives have the same experience?
So this T-Day we're making a clean break for downtown and are going to eat Chinese food at a joint we've been meaning to visit. Chefs looooove good Chinese food, as was mentioned in a previous post. So nothing will make my chef "thankful" more than some good Peking duck.
By the way, my chef discovered this website and showed it to me just 2 days ago and I am very excited to have some girlpower on my side, if you know what I mean. :-)


Anonymous said...

My chef is working, so, the kids & I are headed South to my folks' house and he'll head down on his days off.

Hilary Battes said...

Hey Lucca,
My hub gets offended when people don't appreciate haute cuisine, if it is his or anyone else's. We like to call these folks "food ignorant" As far as cooking for my family he makes them what they like...nothing pretentious, nothing scary- so they like it.

Anonymous said...

I will be celebrating with my parents while he's cooking for hundreds. I am sure that the same question will come up that always does be it holiday or Saturday night out...without fail, someone will seriously ask, "where's your husband". When has he ever hung out at 8:30pm on a Saturday night?

Maybe next Tuesday, on his day off, I should have him randomly call 9-5'ers at 2:00pm and leave messages on their voicemail asking why they aren't out on the town.

Bitter, no.....

Anonymous said...

Hey Hotness! thanks for emailing the article for me. You are going to be in Chinatown??? my area??? i would love to meet with you, but our restaurant jobs are not open on Turkey day, so i get to spend time with my boyfriend!!! I am going to make breakfast and we are probably going to be having korean bbq for dinner...I am planning to stop by at P.st sometime soon with bubble tea...what flavor does Chef Snacks likes?


Anonymous said...

Well I am a few days late in catching this post, but you can tell from the fact that I'm surfing the Web on Thanksgiving Day that The Chef is at work.

Usually I just go to the restaurant on holidays like this. However, this year the restaurant is closed for Thanksgiving, but he had to help out with a special holiday banquet until late afternoon.

Once he gets home, though, *drumroll* it will be the first Thanksgiving together, at home, since I have known him! (11 years?) So yay.

Also, I second (third?) the idea that chefs love good Chinese food.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
...a chef wife in FL...