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Thursday, November 8, 2007

New York City's Sexiest Chef

And no, my bandanna wearing husband isn't on the list. It's better that way-wouldn't want to deal with crazy groupies. (oh this picture to the side here is a sexy lady chef halloween costume...think about it for next year)

My chefwife pal, J found something very interesting the other day. The Daily News is having a contest set up so you can vote for a sexy chef and your vote also counts as a entry in their contest.

The prize? Dinner for two at the winner's restaurant. (A $150 gift certificate not good on gratuities or alcohol.)

The catch? You have to register with The Daily News. No biggie though-its free.

The chefs? You've got 11 to choose from and they all look like young hipsters from the new forefront in the culinary world of NYC. I'm young myself but where's the older generation of pros like Jean-Georges and Daniel Bouloud? Now those are some handsome men. Then again the contest refers to the "sexiest chef" not the "most appealing chef who you want to sweep you off your feet".

For a list of the chefs and a small piece on their "sexy" lives click HERE.

The rules? You can vote once a day until 11:59 (ET) on Monday, November 12. Every day that you vote you receive another entry in the contest. Not too bad, eh? You can vote in 3 categories for each chef: "Hot", "Very Hot", and "Sizzling". Which is a little unfair because maybe I don't think they are even at the hot level-but I'll play along.

I like this contest because it gives REAL chefs a time to shine in the spotlight and promotes their restaurants. I don't like it though because it sends a message to single women that chefs are all sexy beasts. Well, when they come home complaining at 2am and they get calls from work at all hours of the night on their few days off...they ain't so sexy. But those chef whites....they look like culinary angels. (Wow-I do have the capability of saying completely moronic things. )


PS. I'll probably continue to vote "sizzling" for Craig Koetsu the exec. chef at Park Avenue Autumn. He looks good.


Anonymous said...

Um, I went with Johnny I. But what a double team of Johnny I and JG! Double trouble is what I would call them. But as far as the 4 star guys go...I break allegiance for Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin...oh he is eye candy for sure and he married a Puerto Rican New Yorker like myself. Oh am I jealous! HOT HOT HOT.

Hilary Battes said...

Eric Ripert = Chef Dapper