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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Under the Kitchen Christmas Tree

Has your chef been naughty or nice? Now is the time to make your list and check it twice. My chef has been asking for several cooking related items (other than all the video games and electronics he wants).

Obviously my chef forgot how much teachers make because this year he asked me for a:
- professional mixer
- professional food saver
- deep fryer
- pressure cooker

I'm curious to know what your chefs are asking for this year. A new knife? Prada shoes for the kitchen? A Blackberry to email 'corporate office'? Bacon of the month club membership?


Anonymous said...

Chef wants an iPhone. Yeah, right!! As if I have $600 just lying around. He's telling everyone in his family so that maybe they'll all pitch in to get him one. I still don't know what I'm getting him.

Anonymous said...

oh wait I remembered! I don't want to say it in case he sees it here, but it's something else high-end that he's been wanting for a while, in the $200 range.

Anonymous said...

Nothing Kitcheny whatsoever... I've bought a big old flat panel lcd TV to replace his bedroom television...he'll be psyched. My parents will buy him kitchen stuff b/c they get a kick out of the whole idea...

lola said...

chef wants a kitchen item that will set me back almost $250, but he's so excited about the prospect of having one that I can't deny it to him.

Hilary Battes said...

lola, we do spoil these men don't we? And I can't figure out why!

oh yeah,