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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Undocumented Tips

Yes, you heard it here first. My husband made a veg plate for a vegan customer last night and it was so good that she told the server she would personally tip my husband (in a non-montetary way. wink wink. Sorry, but I've got to keep this post semi PG rated.) Of course my faithful chefhusband turned down the offer (at least that's what he told me) He did however offer any other cook to go upstairs and say they were the chef. As far as I know no one stepped up to the plate. Don't guys yearn for these sorts of opportunities? Hello??

I wonder what else has been offered up behind closed doors? The "fourth course" as Josh Ozersky put it. I have heard some pretty outrageous stories over the years but now I'm wondering what you have to say. Leave comments and I'll even let you can be as anonymous as you want. Apparently I need to juice up this blog somehow.


On another notes as to who my mysterious husband is....the picture here is of the carpet at the restaurant. Any guesses now?



Anonymous said...

That looks like Perry St. But I don't know who the chef is there!! If it is Perry St, then I was right about west village!


Anonymous said...

eric battes? I just googled Perry St chef de cuisine.


LA RN said...

My chefhusband told me a story when he was working for a handsome chef in San Francisco. A bridal party came in and after the amazing dinner the chef and very drunk bride (still in her wedding gown) had sex up against the dumpsters in back. Fourth course, indeed...

Hilary Battes said...

That is some serious after hours partying. Shame, Shame.

Re-leasing said...

hmmm...how about your chef hubby being approached by Gisele Bunchen...yes, the former Victoria Secret model, truly went into the kitchen to personally speak to my hubby twice in one week!!!

My oh so coy and sometimes out-of-it chef didn't realize it was her until she left and the guys had to slap him in the head and tell him...

LOLOLOLOL...he was flattered...but he loves me Gisele!!! lololol