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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Too Much Food

My chefs spends too much money on food.

Disclaimer: If you're a chef you just heard:"My chef is completely normal."

AHH! I don't know what to do anymore. All I see in the future is a home and a kid. And there is no way that we are going to be able to get those things before 2038 unless we save. Yes, we put away money each month, but sometimes I just don't think it's enough.

I'm so tired of hearing that we NEED to eat at all the new (expensive) restaurants for "research". Yea, f-ing right. And it's not only restaurants; we spend way too much money for two people at the grocery store. We shop together on Sundays and Erik makes a big meal that night that lasts for a few days. However, after the first day, Erik won't eat any. All of the sudden Tuesday rolls around and he's making a pizza, or buying gyros, or stopping at the taco truck. I don't care what we do. But at least we shouldn't be buying food times two! Fine, eat at the taco truck, but then we shouldn't be buying so much food that we end up WASTING. I hate to sounds cliche but there are people in the world who would kill for some leftovers.

In case you can't tell by my CAPITAL LETTERS, I am super annoyed and enraged right now. I never buy coffee before work, I never get food from a taco truck, and I certainly never order in like the rest of the staff does on Fridays. That too makes it hard for me to watch Erik spend money on things that we could just make at home. If he wanted tacos so bad, why didn't we just make them on Sunday night. Or, instead of making one big meal, why not make one small meal? Then at least if I'm the only one eating it-it won't go to waste. I'm pretty sure 6 quarts of chicken soup is too much for one person.

After a semi-fight over the phone last night my Sunday meals were taken away from me. Cry me a river. I may not be a fancy chef, but I can certainly make my own dinner. And I'll be looking forward to it from now on. Plus I'll be doing all the grocery shopping around here. There is no way I'm letting him ruin our finances after I've been pinching pennies for the last four years. NO WAY.



Anonymous said...

I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND! I have resorted to bringing my chef husband with me to the grocery store and giving him "top chef" like challenges. such as, make dinner for 4 (the 2 of us and leftovers) for $20 using 5 ingredients or less. as silly as that sounds, it's actually working! i recently lost my job and we have a new baby, so every penny counts.
And i'll be damned if i let him blow it on sunday dinner for 2.

hang in there!

Michael Garner said...


I am a Chef, but i enjoy reading your blog. and think I may have an answer to this one. After cooking professionally for years, we simply forget how to cook "normal" portions. I know when I cook even if its just for 2 i cook enough for 10 minimum. as strange as it sounds we just forget how to cook smaller.