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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Santa,

As the year quickly rolls to an end and I reflect on the past 11.5 months I've got one thing on my mind. Will I be on the naughty or nice side of your list? Ok, so I admit I never followed through with Pilate's or the wii fit. But I have been eating more vegetables (sort of). And I guess I may have lost my cool with my husband more than a few times this year. I spit some gum on the street. I didn't always hold the elevator for my neighbors. I used fake promotional codes to get free stuff online. I re-gifted. I hit my cat once when he scratched the leather couch. I deleted forwards from friends without even opening them. I watched way too many hours of reality television. And I ate an astronomical amount of Dino nuggets.

BUT I'd also like to plead my case for that coveted spot on the nice list. I donated (and shopped at) the Goodwill. I drove carefully all year. I saved my cat's life. (The other one, not the one I hit.) I voted. I conserved energy. The fake codes I told you about were for pictures books for my students. I wore sunscreen. I flossed, a lot. I used moisturizer daily. I worked really hard at speaking with Non-Violent Communication. I went to all the PTA meetings. (so far). I teach kids!

I think the good outweighs the bad and I'd like you to consider the following gifts.

1. A safe trip home to Ohio.

2. A new ironing board and iron.

2. The Miss Sixty purple coat at Macy's.

3. More of my chef!!!

Hilary Anne

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