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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kitchen Gifts

With our stale economy and the pressure of the holidays on food service workers, my generous chef decided to buy gifts for his kitchen staff. This act of kindness blew me away. My husband generally isn't this giving. Now, that may sound like an insult to you, but I certainly don't mean it that way. It's not right or wrong, but it's just the way it is. And isn't it perfect that he ended up with me because I seem to worry about everyone else and forget about myself. 

Well, he bought his staff each a paring knife, a spoon, and two red bulls. This may not seem like much but I anticipate my jolly husband being well received today at work as he unpacks his red bag.  


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea! I told my husband about it and I decided to get his cooks something very similar:) LOVE IT!

Lisa Marie said...

How funny! My boyfriend's head chef got him for his secret santa last year. What did he get him?... A case of Rockstar Energy Drinks. I thought it was a bit odd; not so much anymore! :)