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Monday, September 8, 2008

No. 7

TK, otherwise known as Tyler Kord softly opened No. 7 this weekend in Fort Green Brooklyn. And it seems like only yesterday that he left Perry St. Of course my chef and I went over to applaud and support our friend and what a great time we had. For a soft opening, this place was bumpn'. There were so many people- I can already tell it's going to be the hit of Greene Ave. My most favorite dish was the pork face/cheek with artichokes, but I think it's only going to be on the late night menu. By the way, this place is open late. Once things get going to a hard opening (is that what its called? or maybe it's like tofu...soft and firm?) then the kitchen will stay open until 2. Right on. Oh yeah, and when this guy says Hungarian and Korean, he means it.

I present, No. 7:
(oh, and you can use these pictures but you better give me credit because I was there first)

the man behind the beard

righteous lounge




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Anonymous said...

Roo, Eric and I went there this tuesday and it was busy, I am so happy for TK and the food was really good...I really like the Tuna and Pear and the kimchi pierogies were wonderful!