Speak Up

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I can't believe that my chef isn't the only chef who mumbles in his sleep about work. I'm a teacher and I definitely take home my work-both papers to grade and emotional baggage, but I've never spoke about my students in my sleep. Well, at least not enough to wake anyone or myself. It must be about the job. Does anyone else speak/cry/wail out/mumble in their sleep?



Anonymous said...

Haha it happens to me sometimes. My boyfriend laughs at me and I get angry... in the morning when he reminds me of what I said, it all comes back to me and I have to admit it's pretty funny.

One Fat Chef said...

My boyfriend is not a chef but I'm a pastry cook. I must have been rubbing off on him because the other night in his sleep I heard him say clear as day, "These eggs are ready for hatching. Put another two in rotation!" Hahahahahha!

Anonymous said...

My husband does it all the time...
"Hustle Kitchen .. Hustle!!"
"This is not good enough to send out!"
I have to wake him up so he'll stop.