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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Win 2 Books: Simmer Down and Turn Up the Heat!

The DCW is having its first annual contest in honor of my 100th post which although passed us by quite some time ago is none the less very important and worth celebration.

The prize: A signed copy of Jessica Conant-Park's Simmer Down (paperback) and Turn Up the Heat (hardback)!

To enter: It's simple. Just add a comment t0 THIS POST with your name and email that answers this question: Whose cooking do you like better: your mother's or your chef's? And if you don't "have" a chef..just leave a comment about ...anything! (This is for you, Passion.)

The drawing: On Sunday, March 16th I will have someone pick one of your names at random and email you right away, sending the books soon after.

I want to thank Jessica Conant Park for providing her wonderful Gourmet Girl Mystery Series as a fantastic prize!

Don't forget to tell your friends, and if you don't leave your email you won't be eligible to win!
Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

first off, I must say that I am addicted to your blogs....lol, It's awesome to know that there are many of us out there who share the same life, and that I am not alone.

I'd have to say that I love both my mother's cooking just as much as I do my husband's. Even though my mommy's chicken will be over cooked and dry every now and then, It always tates like home.

Anna M. Pastrychef1313@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

LOL How about wanting one...like Johnny I? (pastry chef) from JG's

Zoey P passionfoodie@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I love my mom's cooking! Probably because it's better for me. Whenever chef cooks at home, it's usually a delicious but cholesterol-laden ribeye.


Anonymous said...

This is a tough one, you can't compare the two! I have to say my chef is the best overall...but my mom's homecooking is what I crave the most. H, don't select me as the winner, I have too many books!!

Anonymous said...

I love my chef's cooking. It's amazingly yummy...except for some items that are just Mom's. No matter how hard my DHChef has tried...he just can't make certain dishes that taste like hers. (Probably because he doesn't use some of her almost finished items! LOL).

Jen M jenbrady@comcast.net

Chef's Widow said...

The Chefs cooking is way better than my mom's. I mean unless you love pimento & cheese sandwiches. She's got that down pat.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is a tough one, because both my mother & my chef are accomplished cooks (though she hates to cook for him)! For the comfort foods of my childhood - mac & cheese, meatloaf, beef stew - the victor is for sure my mom. For the comfort foods of my adulthood - perfectly braised beef short ribs, shrimp & grits, his awesome ribs, the chef has to win. Alas, I can't pick just one!

Buona Forchetta said...

As everyone has said, this is a tough question. My chef almost NEVER cooks at home. He did, however, make gravy on Thanksgiving for my entire family and my cousin couldn't stop flirting with him after she tasted it. Still, for simple, delicious, and nutritious food - my mom wins. However, my chef has created some of the most memorable dishes that have ever passed my lips. So he wins for his artistry and genius.

VR - shera4ever@gmail.com

ps - did you see the review for the restaurant "Ox" in Jersey City? it looks very interesting and I thought of you.

Hilary Battes said...

This is a tough question and I've been avoiding it since I thought it up. This is like comparing apples and oranges. They both set out to create food experiences in different ways. Nothing beats my moms cheesy potatoes, but Erik's food, especially at Perry St, is stunning. So it's a draw.

NO, I have not been to OX yet in Jersey City, but a fellow teacher of mine told me about it. Maybe I'll take the chef there this weekend. Because you know a weekend cannot go by without eating out first.

Thanks for all the comments!

Anonymous said...

Hands down my chef fiance' cooks better, much better...and fortunately his cooking doesn't make me fat. I quess it's because I eat less since it is so satifying tasty.
i love this blog.

pde pde@email.arizona.edu

Anonymous said...

I'll have to say my mother's. She knows all of my comfort foods =)


NikkiBee said...
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chefmate said...

Not a fair question, mom's comfort food... I couldn't live without, but chef is a gourmet cook, eating his food is an experience. If I had to choose, I'd pick mom's dinners, and chef home with me more. Chelsea Tampa Florida

Allison7 said...

Since chef-to-be BF is still two weeks from graduation and it is rather difficult to ship gourmet meals from NYC to MS, I have yet to taste any food from him as a chef...However, since my mom taught me to cook, I'd have to say his food wins because I cannot do it myself! If you'd asked about grandmothers, though, she'd win hands down... :-)


MinnaEats said...

nothing like mom's cooking for the korean comfort foods of my childhood~
you can't beat hand-me-down recipes perfected over the years.