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Monday, March 3, 2008

Public Displays of Affection?

I kissed this dude in public.

It seems as though many of you have met in.... a RESTAURANT! How perfect? Some of you shared about meeting in a bar, which is great. What wonderful success stories we have. BUT, I bet no one met in the way that I saw two people "meeting" at a restaurant's bar this weekend. I won't say where the place was, but it was busy and hip and this couple was seconds away from adding to the population. I don't mean pecks on the cheek, I mean MAKING OUT 8th grade style. But that wasn't even the best part. I could have sworn this woman was trying out for pornofaces.com (not a real website- please don't think I would know that-wait OMG I just checked it IS a real site-sorry! and ew) I even heard moaning coming from this young, blond, sweater dressed- girl with no pants...thick panty hose aren't really pants, right?

So the suit comes over and asks them to tone it down because now she's on his lap. They don't stop and he comes by later to ask them to keep it G rated. Again, no luck. Eventually they left, and I was able to escape their nasty trance.

But how much PDA is tolerable? And are there places that tolerate more? I don't think anything involving a tongue should be allowed in public, but maybe I'm too conservative?

Been caught like this couple, asked to turn it down to a rating of G?



Anonymous said...

I saw a couple going at it on a mattress in a furniture store!!!! They weren't there to buy a mattress but to borrow it for a while!

Mandy said...

At the restaurant where I work, there is one table that for some reason, whenever couples are seated there, they always end up 'going to the bathroom together', and coming back red-faced and sweaty. Now THAT is inappropriate. And gross. Because we all know what you were up to, and it's not fun to imagine with certain pairs.

Anonymous said...

Where is this restaurant and what's the table number?!
Reservation for 2 please . . .