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Monday, March 31, 2008

DB Bistro

Best Birthday Yet
DB Burger...ahh

DB Bistro was great! Erik and I headed out Sunday night and after sitting in-not at but IN an intersection for 20 minutes we made it and got primo parking right out front. The interior was clearly respecting its namesake looking like a bistro. I don't know what bistros inspired Daniel Boulud because the food was definitely a step up from a typical bistro.

The menu design was interesting. The dualism between the color photo cover of Times Square and the crisp inside menu looked really caught my eye. The set up was by the type of food, not course. It made it a little harder to locate an appetizer, but in the end it was a wise choice because some items on the menu can be made as apps or entrees. And that was a good idea, too.

We had tuna tartare, orecchietti, and two medium cooked DB burgers. The $32 burger is a sirloin filled with braised short ribs, foie gras, and black truffle served on a Parmesean bun with some amazing french fries. An experience it was.

The staff was great, and sommelier Michael Medrigale shared a story of his bicylce trip in Europe...ahhh. Truly this the best place to eat for an after theatre dinner. Or before theatre for that matter.




Anonymous said...

Wow, what a meal you must have had! Is this the famous burger that started the trend of very upscale burgers? I think I've seen this burger on food shows, etc., right? Well, happy birthday again and thanks for leading us DCWs!

Anonymous said...

That burger looks like maybe I could eat two bites of it. So rich! Then again, maybe once I had had a taste I wouldn't be able to stop myself.


LA RN said...

Two burgers!? Wow! What an amazing night, it sounds like. Happy birthday!