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Friday, February 8, 2008

ChefWife SexLife

quality time, date nights, going out in the DAYLIGHT...

....things that suffer from being married to a chef. DingDingDing!

But do we need to add sex life to the list? I cannot believe I haven't blogged on this topic yet. Thanks go to an anonymous chefwife for bringing this to my attention. She mentioned possibly having to schedule snuggle time into her life. Hey, whatever works, right?

As for my chef and me-things are great and I would never complain about that. (well, not on here at least! ) A long time ago Erik said to me that intimacy should never be the most important thing in a relationship, but that it should be important. We keep that in mind and it's important to know that rolling in the sheets is always a connection between two people and you can make it as romantic or scandalous as you wish. But those chefs are good at making themselves completely undesirable when they come home with a foot odor that is clearly visible in the air.

Are there any daring chefs' wives who would like to offer their advice or present intimate situations? You can comment totally anonymously, too.



Anonymous said...

I call it the triangle to a successful relationship: Side 1=Friendship, Side 2=Respect, Side 3=Sex.

All are important. In some relationships it may not be equal. This is okay if both are in agreement with ALL 3 SIDES. In other words, what is important in each side.

(Just my humble opinion here)

Anonymous said...

What generally happens is this:
He comes home late at night. I'm already in bed, either sleeping, reading, or watching tv. He makes himself a snack, has a beer, then takes a shower. Then he gets into bed with me... and by that point I'm always ready to go; he smells great and I haven't seen or heard from him in over 14 hours.

Following that, we either a) have great sex or b) cuddle until we fall asleep because he is far too tired for sex. When "b" occurs, I'm always a little sexually frustrated at first, but then I always fall asleep content, because the love of my life has his arms wrapped around me for the first time all day.

My advice: take what you can get! And if you can't get *that*... the rest is pretty good still... and you know you wouldn't trade it for the world!

Hilary Battes said...

wonderful comments ladies. my chef would kill me, but I would love to do a post called..."ways my chef entices me to romp"...with such wonderful phrases like, "let's be near in the bed".

what a charmer.

Anonymous said...

We have a phrase, too. We say we're gonna make an appointment.