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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who's Got it Worse?

So I'm sitting in bed with my chef this morning and I say to him, "Sometimes I wish I could just come home from work, kick off my shoes and relax like you do without having to clean the house".
And he responds with, "Well, that would never happen. I work A LOT of hours".

Yeah chef, but just because I work an 8 hour day and not a 12 hour day doesn't mean I deserve that nonsense. PAH-LEASE. I may not cater to hungry foodies but I do have to teach children. nuf said. Oh, then I come home, pay the bills, clean the house, make dinner, and all the other little bits of life that come pittering on my head. Not to mention I remain absolutely stunning day in an day out. ha.



LA RN said...

So I hate to call you on your contradiction but, because I respect you, I'm going to say it anyway... Be happy you have your husband to come home to you..

Hilary Battes said...

LA-I didn't catch what my contradiction was, but you're right about one thing: I should be happy my chef is home every night. Yours isn't? I would write more about all the wonderful things my cheffie poo does for me, but who the hell would want to read that?

LA RN said...

I just meant the difference between your 9/11 blog and the "Who's got it Worse?" Yes, my husband comes home every night but I was concerned about the firefighter's and other New Yorkers who perished and their widows. It's hard for me, who does not live in New York, to understand, but I'm just happy my cheffie poo comes home to me every night (reeking of food). I love and respect your blog, your sense of humor, your wit, and your intelligence. But, every once in a while, I would love to hear how wonderful your husband is..(because I know he is.).