Speak Up

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Says GQ

The August issue of GQ ran a blurb about kitchens and cooking and knives and all things such with a "5 Things You Don't" list. Nothing was worth making a reality show after, but number 5-decide for your self:

"A Sous Chef. Cooking with your wife guarantees a ferocious screaming match. Unless you're true soul mates, cook alone. Trust us."


Trust us? Who's us? A 32 year old male writer with a corner office who's never dated a chef let alone cooked anything but burgers with with his other baseball cap wearing Hobokenites? ( i might be terribly wrong. but im not. probably)

So I'm a little annoyed. No, I'd never cook with my chef, not my thing. But I certainly don't want anyone telling me I can't.

And I know there are a lot of chefswives out there who do cook with their hubbies. So I'm sticking up for you. Speak up.

It's cool though. I like GQ-except for the food and wine writer Alan whatever his name is. I'll complain about that later.



Anonymous said...

I'm married to a soon-to-be chef, well cook. He's still in school, so I haven't been fully initiated to the life of a ChefWife.

Anyways, we are quite capable of cooking together and we rather enjoy it. Granted I am more and more his assitant, but we get along just fine.

Maybe we are soul mates, or maybe (as you suggest) the author of the article doesn't know what he's talking about.


Anonymous said...

My chef and I love to cook together on his off-time. Granted, he teases me relentlessly about my disastrous technique, but the important thing is we have fun. So long as you are not sensitive about taking crticism, cook with your chef. For me, the greatest pleasure is when he says,"this is delcious." Coming from a skilled chef, there is no better compliment.