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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Boats and Blogs

OMG-I love blogging. The people I meet here are so much more breathable than everyone else. (My chefswives are definately breathable of course too) The net folks choose to come and here and I choose to go there. I love it. No fakeness, because what would be the point of that?

and another thing I love:

Have I mentioned how much I love the NYC area? And I have to say "area" because I technically live in Jersey City. And the best part too-NEWPORT. The best views, quiet people, boats and water, and not too many of those studio sized compact dogs. I've got the most tender little park with a mini lighthouse and a view of NY.

So today while I was soaking up some last minute summer sun I heard a rumble in the water. The NY Super Boat Grand Prix had super speed boats zipping up and down the Hudson to 42nd and back down again. And it was just this morning that I was reading in PXthis about Abbe Diaz watching the race from her JC pad. That's just weird, right? It's not deja vu-its something else-you hear about someone doing something, then it happens to you. I don't know-just weird I guess.

I wonder if Marja was watching from the other side of the river. She's like the ultimate chefwife. But I'm not a creeper like that. She just happens to live across the street/river from me. teehee.



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