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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

After I Do

Some women coax, others just have to bat their eyes, some would even get pregnant-but whatever it takes women get what they want-in this case a man. A husband. A lifelong partner and lover. But once you've got him once you are happily wed and treading into marital bliss-then the trouble arises like a rip tide.

My whole life (at least the 8 years of dating my chef) I thought our relationship would get easier, almost simplistic when we jumped in and said "I do" (Actually we said "I will", but its the same...I hope) However once our marriage completely saturated us I realized that being married is harder than it seems. Everything is a big deal that cannot be solved with crying or yelling or sex. Not that those things really worked before but now they especially didn't work.

Without bearing the a sea of details regarding my marriage and thus my life I will only say that marrying a chef goes beyond long hours and dinner for one. Being married to a chef means being married to his restaurant. It means the possibility of being asked to give up what you want. It means having to wait and wait and wait because as we all know, "It will get better". It means your husband loves his job just as much as he loves you.

But I don't mind. How can I? The passion that drives them to do the work they do is the same passion that drives them throughout every aspect of their lives. That is something that I can appreciate. I embrace the marriage that makes us different from everyone else. Cherish the time we have together as short as it is. Continue to make memories, smile, and take everything in stride.
And blog about it-that helps too :-)


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