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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Messy Chef

I speak with with inspiration from a fellow chefwife and I can imagine that many of you will agree. But please correct me if I am wrong.
Chefs seem to think that because they work long hours they are entitled to do less around the house.

As a teacher I have enjoyed a very relaxing summer consisting of reading, writing, planning, shopping for my new classroom, and cleaning. I know that my chef works a lot so I have done more than my share of the chores and general house maintenance. I mean, why not? I'm home all day long and he's not. After a few weeks I realized the chef hasn't done anything. I usually ask him to do a few things on those precious two days off each week. (i.e. clean the stove and dust or wipe down the microwave and sweep-nothing huge here people!) But that's ok, I don't mind-there isn't anything left for him to do by the time his weekend rolls around.

But let me ask you this: because I have free time to clean does that mean he should treat me like a house-elf? (for you non-Potter fans that's a slave of sorts) Now I find myself being asked to get my chef water, clean up his dishes, and other non-chefwife duties. Last night our lovely cat decided to throw up-gross I know. The chef said he would do it...after he finished his ice cream. (how dare I interrupt his eating) Well, it's now the next day and guess what-there is still cat vomit in my house! The neat freak inside me says to clean it up, but the angry chefwife inside says: "Leave it for him!" ARG.

I know they work long hours, I know they are tired when they come home. But household duties are to be divided among everyone in the house. I'm not asking for a 50/50 split of chores, I'm only suggesting that he clean up the nasty cat vomit and stop expecting special treatment.



Anonymous said...


How about stepping out of his clothes and leaving them INCHES from the laundry basket?

Or NEVER putting the new roll of TP on the holder?

Seriously, we're talking minimal, minimal basics....

but I know how hard he works and even though sometimes I get really annoyed, the work excuse really works for me!

Hilary Battes said...

Well, I have to defend my chef in saying that he is good about the toilet paper...but the laundry, I'm right there with you, sister! He can set his clothes on a chair NEXT TO the laundry, but not IN IT?? And I have to say I give into the "I work a lot" excuse too-it's justtoo hard not to.