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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beware the Vanity that Blows in your Commode

You remember when you used the hairdryer for the first time: your dad came into the bathroom and told you NEVER to have that thing near the tub as you thought to yourself, "Who would even do that?" Well, I must have forgotten that speech today.

No I didn't try to dry my hair while soaking in the tub. I didn't even drop it in the tub. Worse. My hairdryer fell into the toilet. The toilet! No one ever warned me about the commode!
I set my dryer on the counter (which is really just a sink with some extra space) and it crashed down onto the toilet seat and as it seemed like minutes went by in just a short mini-second my hairdryer was in the toilet. It was still running as my mouth dropped open. I froze. My greatest fear in life is electrical shock. Maybe caused by too many accidental run ins with the electrical fence around the corn on Grandpa's farm. Who knows.
Either way, I found myself back to reality and like the brilliant woman that I am I turned off the lights. I have no idea why I did that, but I think at the time I just wanted all the electricity off. Well, of course the dryer was still running! I could hear the water flowing through it. I turned to the socked with the plug. No sparks. That was good. I think. But there was no way I was going to touch that thing. No freaking way. So I grabbed my round brush and beat that plug until it dropped from the socket-into the sink. Why did I do that? But I had to.
So there I was starring at a hairdryer in my toilet. What now? Can I touch it? Will I die? I called the doorman, what a good guy, told me to take it out, that I was safe. And I did. And where was the chef? Working of course.
The moral of the story (you pick):
A) Vanity can be [near] deadly.
B) Turn off the dryer before you set it down, anywhere.
C) Get a larger bathroom with plenty of counter space.
PS sorry for the lack of spaces on this post. whats up with that?

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