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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ramsay, Rock, and Ridiculous [Claims by FOX]

On a preview for FOX's new fall culinary series they describe Gordon Ramsay as "...the most successful restaurateur on the planet" Now I like GR, I'm definitely a Ramsay supporter. In fact he's a great model of a tv chef- a rare breed in fact who is both A) a household name in food for his name calling and in your face sarcasm and B) his success of actual fine dining restaurants. He has a plethora of restaurants in the UK as well as all over the world including Tokyo, Dubai, and right here in NY with his recent Gordon Ramsay at The London.
But I didn't know his glory and success was a hard fact that FOX could proclaim. Come on now, it is FOX though. But really if FOX can say that, than why can't I proclaim other non facts that are truth to me?? Well, here goes: " I am the perfect specimen of a chefwife" Haha. I had to.
I am looking forward to his US version of Kitchen Nightmares. I guess the network got one thing right: Americans love their heartwarming stories and it seems this show will be filled with them. Many hugs and kisses and thank-yous for Ramsay, I'm sure I'll be crying by the second episode.

In other GR news, the conclusion of Hell's Kitchen was Monday night and I am happy to say that Rock is your season 3 winner. I have been rooting the strong and no nonsense executive chef since the beginning. I expect he'll be adding much more to his repertoire than the Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas. Gordon Ramsay Impressive website. Very thorough. Great bio.


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