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Friday, October 10, 2008

Chef's Widows

I'm thrilled so many of you have made your way over to the new forum for chefs wives at: Chef's Widows. I am having such a good time chatting and sharing ideas with other wives. You can also share pictures, blogs, and even videos. Props and snaps and all that jazz to the Widow, Miss Amelia herself for setting up and maintaining the website. (Plus all the other family, chef, restaurant, and various other website stuff she does.) 

If you haven't made your way over there, get to it!

On another note I have Monday off, like most of you and my chef also has Monday off so what to do! We planned on going away to Chicago, but WOW that city is just as expensive as New York. Then we just forgot about this long weekend. I've been wanting to go to the Bronx Zoo for a while, or even the Turtle Back zoo. (I love zoos)Hmm...I'll let you know what we end up going. The only thing we WON'T be doing is eating out. We have been spending entirely too much money on dining and I want to SAVESAVESAVE for a new house/condo here in Jersey City. 



Anonymous said...

Ack. No swearing? Oh, ok ;). I found this blog on a particulary lonely night. My teen and pre-teen are out being social and my husband is of course at the restaurant. I've been a restaurant wife but it's never been this bad! We finally opened our own--it's a baby--two months old. very busy. I know that's good. Still. Lonely. And when he's home he is SO tired he has a hard time connecting and functioning. Nice to have a place to vent a bit. Not a good night.
W. Nor cal

Anonymous said...

I've just been on the Chef's Widows site but it won't let me create an account :( any suggestions of what I can do to get it working?
S.C. England

Hilary Battes said...

She may not be using that forum anymore, try her blog: www.chefswidow.com
You can also email Amelia- she's beyond cool.