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Friday, April 4, 2008

Wives Unite!

the river that divides us

Ok, enough is enough. I am embarrassed to say that I've only met up with ONE other chefwife via this (amazing) blog. So, we need to get together. I don't even know exactly how many of you there are in the NYC area. And are Saturdays good for most? We have so much to talk about...IN PERSON! And between all of us I'm sure there are tons of places that would love to have us at their bar in a primo location. We need to pump up this group's success to make this clan of women more well known and powerful in Manhattan. Ooh, maybe we could even do a BYOP (picnic) day when it gets warmer.

Suggestions? Ideas? Hate it?



Anonymous said...

Here's one chefwife in NYC who is sooo excited to have found your blog! I think picnics in the good weather would be great. I'll bet we all have some hilarious stories to tell, along with some complaints that only other chefwives could understand. We have a baby, so Saturday nights out with the girls live only in my [fondest] memories - unless someone can recommend a great babysitter. ;)

Hilary Battes said...

I'll keep you posted, Bonne! I'm definately not ready to have a baby right now...but I'm getting the itch..So I don't a have a sitter to recommend. (except me 7 years ago..I was a gold sitter)

NikkiBee said...

well - I am in Boston, however, its only a 5 hour Fung Wah bus ride or 3 hour acela experience.. but I would absolutely be willing to make the journey to meet with my fellow chefwives.

Keep me posted!!!

Anonymous said...

I often work on Saturdays, but I can definitely meet before 9 PM, and I want to meet all of you!


LA RN said...

Wanna come to LA? I know you miss this town... But it would be a wet dream for me to meet you in NYC! Will love to hear about your get together with all the other wives!

Anonymous said...

I have a cute story--my chef just told me that he sneaks spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream during lulls in service. Apparently the dessert station is right next to the expediting station, so when he's just standing around he takes a spoon, makes a little quenelle (that's the football shape) of ice cream and stands there eating it. The picture this conjures up is so adorable I can't take it.