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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm Back!

Costa Rica was just fabulous! In the trees behind our casita were the most adorably strange howler monkeys. Named after a deep, throaty bark/oink they make, these guys were cool. The small beach on the pacific coast, called Samara was quiet and there were hardly any tourists there. The Ticos (locals) were so relaxed and chill, quite the opposite from NYC. It was a much needed change of pace. And who can beat sleeping under palm trees in hammocks?

When I headed south for Central America I thought that the food would be typical of Mexico and the like. I was wrong. The food of Costa Rica is nothing to write home about, but it certainly wasn't bad. I enjoyed the national dish Casada which is rice, beans and some kind of protein such as fish, beef, or chicken. But the best place to eat in Samara is Restaurante Manglar-and it was Italian. Huh?

But now it's back to work for both Erik and I. On Thursday night I'll be at the LOM event, and I'd like to see a few of you there.


Jessica Conant-Park said...

Welcome home! Sounds like an amazing trip!

Anonymous said...

Did you put Salsa Lizano on everything? I love that stuff!


Allie said...

Hello fellow chef wives! As a mom of 3 I'm often the last to know about what's going on in cyber world...I was surfing looking for cute little "I love my chef" comments to put on my myspace page and happend on this site! Wow! Finally wives who can relate to what I'm going through! I love my husband and his passion for food...but his "career" and I have a love/hate relationship! Reading all the blogs was a breath of fresh air! It's nice to know that I'm not alone...Kudo's to you for reaching out to us chefwives;)

ChefWife said...

bb, are you kidding? I bought 5 bottles of that AMAZING sauce! I love it! SALSA LIZANO!!

ChefWife said...

Oh, and welcome Allie...but I'll see you on myspace.

Anonymous said...

I know!! Whenever people ask me if they can bring me something from CR, I always say, "Coffee and Salsa Lizano." It made scrambled eggs with black beans and rice every morning something to look forward to.


LA RN said...

I am so pleased you and hubby were able to relax and enjoy a tropical paradise! Just wondering: Did you bring a cell phone and how many times did hubby get calls from work? I'm hoping none but realistically...?

One day, my chef hubby and I will get a vacation longer than 1 day and we want to go to Costa or Puerto Rico. If we go to Costa Rica I will ask for all your fabulous advice!

ChefWife said...

Oh LA, you would LOVE it in Costa Rica! We both brought our cell phones, but NEVER turned them on. Erik didn't call the restaurant until we landed in Newark! It was a TRUE vacation!