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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Food Snob

Would a food snob eat a giant rice krispie treat?

I am not a food snob, I swear. But sometimes I just want to scream and roll my eyes in disgust when people say certain things about food and dining. Such examples would be, "Caviar, sick!" or "I don't eat that. " Shuuut up! I can't help it but I just get so annoyed. And I blame Erik. A chef's lifestyle lends to upscale dining experiences, courageous food adventures and a respect for produce and edible animals.

Am I the only chefwife who experiences rage at others who exhibit food ignorance? The worst things I've heard: 1. "I don't eat fish, that's so unnatural" and "Is it one of those 'fancy' places that only serves a one ounce hunk of meat?" Yes, at times restaurants can get annoying when you expect a larger portion than you get. However, the "normal" portion that people are used to at places like Applebee's and Chile's are entirely too large. Plus, most restaurants expect you to order an appetizer and a dessert along with your entree.

So, I guess I am a food snob.



Anonymous said...

One of my biggest dining-out pet peeves (and I have a lot) is when someone asks for a dish "without the so-and-so, with the fill-in-the-blank steamed instead of pan-fried, and with the blahbity-blah sauce on the side." The dishes on the menu have been put together by an expert (often, more than one expert), and each component is important - otherwise, it wouldn't be there. Health concerns are one thing, but chances are, you're not allergic to coriander. Some people really should just stay home and cook for themselves.

I have turned into a food snob thanks to my Chef, though my snobbery is nothing when compared to his. He frowns upon such great, wholesome, DELICIOUS things as tacos and Girl Scout cookies. The other day, he threw - yes, threw - a frozen pizza in the trash can, because "that's where garbage belongs." He's european, though, so I guess that is to be expected?

-AP, Brooklyn

Anonymous said...

I think I'm a combination. I love leftovers, especially if they're still cold, and I'll eat them standing up in the kitchen while my chef laughs at me. It is annoying, though, when people from out of town come in and don't want to try anything new. It makes me think they're narrow-minded.

On another note, I wanted to ask you if you think you'd do well on that recent Top Chef challenge where you had to identify the higher-quality ingredient in a blind taste test. I think I'd do okay! Certainly better than I would have 8 years ago, before I met Chef.


Hilary Battes said...

bb, About that blind taste test, I think I could tell the difference between quality and cheap ingredients, but maybe not olive oil, or other things that I just don't use that much. I definately know the difference between a real Oreo and the store brand though!