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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, My Achin' Head!

Since last Thursday I've had a dull, aching headache and I'm going a little bonkers from it. I have to say that on a pain scale it's only about a 4-6, depending. But, it just won't go away. Normally, I let the headache ride for about a day before taking any meds. Sometimes they go away on their own and I'd like to avoid pills as much as I can. I've taken two Tylenol since last Friday-and neither worked. I really don't want to take too many, considering the bump I'm growing is really a HUMAN inside of me. (Still freaking out about that.) I have tried the pressure point thing between my pointer and thumb-nothing. I have done some IMT on myself. IMT is Integrated Manual Therapy, a holistic approach to treating pain-among other things. If you place one hand on your back and one on the pain, then usually it goes away. The contact activates the kidneys to filter out the "bad stuff". That worked great-but only when I'm doing it. I can't exactly walk around looking like I'm mid-hokey pokey.


Food is Love,

Oh, and Erik has only been gone for 8 days and it feels like 8 weeks. Is it October 4th yet?


DCW Jes said...

awww!! that really sucks. i had a horrible cough when i was first pregnant, many years ago. i would call your doctor and ask for advice. in the mean time, maybe take a bubble bath with a book. lavender is also sometimes helps with headaches, but just use it in small doses. good luck hon! (i too am counting down to october 4th, 3 years sobriety!)

kAROL (PR) said...

You can try one of two things I'm thinking myself...Either take the head off (my chef recommendation) or put an Ice-bag on it. I'm going for the second one myself.

Alyssa said...

I dunno - pregnant women can get away with a lot. I think public IMT practice would be acceptable.

The headaches were the worst part of pregnancy for me, and I wish I could say I found a cure. They did go away shortly after my second trimester began, if that gives you some hope.

eat me outta here! said...

Rubbing a tiny bit of tiger balm on my temples works for me. Warning the stuff is really strong so use only a teeny tiny bit!

Go Erin Go said...

I had headaches for much of my first trimester as well. My OB told me to take 2 regular strenth Tylenol. Tylenol apparently doesn't cross into the placenta, so it is safe for the baby.

When in doubt, call your doctor.

Hope you're feeling better!


Jessica Conant-Park said...

Ice pack on the back of your neck might help.... Hope are feeling better, tho!

Hilary Battes said...

Thanks for the suggestions ladies. Today was the first day that I didn't have a headache. I'll take your ideas though should the pain come back.
Chef in training,
you go girl!!! I know how difficult your road was and is. Keep it up!

DCW Jes said...

thanks! keep your chin up about the pregnancy! it all gets easier after the first trimester (usually) and then you enjoy it! i miss being pregnant and holding a baby...:( someday!