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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blog, Already!

I'm an awful blogger! I haven't been keeping up with the Desperate Chefs' Wives, but it certainly isn't because I don't love all of you! I wish I had more energy to write more often and bigger brain for brilliant writing ideas. Overall, things are going well sans the chef husband. He comes back in 7 days and let me tell you that can't come soon enough. The autumn leaves are turning, the air is crisp and I can't stand my favorite season without my chef. We were married in the fall, October 25, and way back fall of freshman year high school we started dating. We were planning on going to Per Se for our 4 year wedding anniversary but in the end we decided not to. As much as I want to try Chef Keller's food, there is no way I'm paying $275 per person for them to modify the menu for pregnant me. If I go to Per Se I want the full Per Se experience, raw fish, rare meat and all. So we are still up in the air about the big anniversary dinner. So that's the skinny on things-which I'm totally not anymore. (yay!)

Food is Love,

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Go Erin Go said...

I completely understand not wanting to go to Per Se. I was the same way with restaurants that had tasting/chef's menues. I didn't want to go while pregnant since things would have to be altered so much for me. That's just no fun! I'm sure you will come up a good way to celebrate.

And I must say, October 25 is a great day! It's my b-day! :) And this year, my boss is getting married that day. Great day indeed!