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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I found peace on Google.com

Ironically enough, I found your site because I googled "dating a chef is so hard."

A fellow chefwife-let's just call her S-wrote to me and the first line of the email was the sentence above. How amazing did I feel at that very moment? Cloud Nine.

When I was getting frustrated with the industry, the hours, the pay, and all the others chef qualities thrown at me I sought help from Google as well. But there was nothing! Well, actually there was one article written by Juliet Rossant of Super Chef Blog that inspired me. Other than that-there was nothing.

Now when women in desperation seek Google for help they find me. Such a thrill and an honor to know that now there is help. If we lean on each other we can share our stories and feel less alone and aggravated. (at least I hope)

I do owe a lot to Google for this very blog (powered by blogger) and all the searches I've done. If you were to hack me here is a list of searches you would actually find:

boyfriend is a chef
casey top chef
David and Karen Waltuck
NYC chefs
smelly chef
young chef
desperate wives
PX this
famous chefs' wives

Have a nice weekend!



Anonymous said...

Your site is amazing and I don't feel so guilty now for feeling "second" to my husband's career at times...I know their other women out there who feel the same way...I'm not alone..what a relief this is.

Hilary Battes said...

Comments like this drive me faster. Lili, you are NOT alone! Keep reading and sharing stories!