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Monday, October 8, 2007


I've got a couple new things on the blog to blab about. First-you'll see a poll that's on the top right: "What do you normally order to drink at a restaurant". I'd like to see your responses on that.

Also, waaaaay down at the bottom of the screen I've got a working link of the best chef television programming. This chef thing is getting so popular I could start my own network of chef shows. My new favorite one is 'After Hours with Daniel'. Not sure if everyone can get it. It's on the MAN CHANNEL, Mojo. Daniel is known to follow old school French management techniques (yelling and screaming) in the kitchen but on this show he is one smoooooooth and charming chef. Yum. He eats at all the hot spots 'after hours' with fellow chefs and sometimes actors, comedians, and community well knowns. They eat late and share captivating stories of all things chef. His next season is starting soon where he'll be in Los Angeles.

So that's all folks.

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