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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Here We Go Again

It's been just about one year since I've last entered my thoughts, fears, and struggles here; but alas, it's time I come back. I started the blog in order to come together with other women who felt as if their husbands and boyfriends were like passing ships in the night. Then I stopped writing because, honestly, I ran out of things to write about. I worked my tail off adjusting, revising, and throwing the drawing board out the window when it comes to my husband and me. We were in a good place. Over the past month or so though I've struggled with Erik's new 6-day a week schedule, complete with longer hours and a very tired chefhusband. Oh, whatever  shall I do? Well, duh, I came back here! You all have been so supportive of me as well as each other over the years and this writing serves as an outlet to my frustrations.

So, where are we?
In the past year, Erik has gotten a lot of great press for his "Levitating Uni"  and since moved from the chef de cuisine at Morimoto NYC to the executive corporate chef of Starr Restaurants. And although that move is a great step in his career, it really changed things around here. He's worked corporate before and for me, it was great- weekends off, decent hours, and of course a Blackberry (hey, it was like 5 years ago). But Starr Restaurants is on a roll and it's taking my husband with him. He's working more hours, six-day weeks, and he sends work emails up until 3:30 in the morning. Erik is certainly stressed, but he loves his new position. He just wrapped up his stint at Upland with an incredible review by the NYT.

Levitating Uni

Blah blah blah though. I'm running myself ragged here raising wrangling two boys, working full time, and keeping my house managed. I feel like I did in the sophomore years of being a desperate chef's wife. Erik calls to tell me the latest who's who that ate at  Upland- I roll my eyes. during the last Blizzard we spend the day at a friend's house and Erik had to go upstairs for an hour to take a conference call- ugh. He's going to London for a week- yipee.

Overall, things are going well. We are healthy and happy, but sometimes the day to day just drives me nuts.

Food is love,


Jennifer @ Emulsified Family said...

If my chef/husband was not napping right next to me I would be dancing around with excitement. Welcome back. Looking forward to reading more!

Unknown said...

Happy to see you back writing again! My hubs is gearing up to start his own place so I'm sure there will be some epic freak-outs and I'll look for comfort here as I usually do :-)

DCWJes said...

Welcome back! I have missed you!