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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

100 Pound Meatball

It's not often that your chef comes home and asks, "How would you make a 100 pound meatball?" Now I wouldn't even begin to tackle that challenge so I just sat, stunned. A publicity event has got my chef rolling in meatballs.

Here is a photo essay of the trek a chef takes to create a 100 pound meatball. This is only the beginning- and only the TEST ball. Today is Wednesday and it won't be ready until Monday morning.

Erik and Anthony proudly showing off their supplies for the  Most Ridiculously Large Meatball ever. -BLT Steak White Plains

Anthony Micari had to heat the 30 inch bowl for it to fit into the oven. 

Chef Anthony, he's really not a small guy- just looks miniscule compared to 130 pounds of uncooked meat

It's beginning to bake. I'm reminded a certain red head who's six foot loaf of bread started out very similarly to this....

A man, proud of his massive meat mound

Food is Love, (and that meatball is made with loads of love)

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