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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Will He Choose?

As a mother to a one-quarter Korean baby, I wanted to give Maverik the opportunity  to learn about his culture, as much as I can being a 100% caucasian mother. The first birthday is a big deal in Korean culture and one particular tradition at the big event, is the doljabi. Several objects are placed on a table or rug in front of the baby. The first two objects he picks up will be windows to his future. We set out for Maverik these interesting objects...

spool of yarn- long life

rice- abundance

baseball- athlete

money- wealth

drumstick- musician

notebook- scholar

pencil- teacher

knife- chef

What will he choose?


He picked the pencil! I can't believe he picked the pencil! In a time where teachers are being bashed left and right I don't know how I feel about him entering the classroom, but of I'd support him no matter what. he's my boy!
Just like Mommy!

but it wasn't over yet...He picked. Up. The Knife!! Wow...you should have heard the screaming from our friends, the other kids, and of course ME. WHAAAT? I joke that I'd never wish teaching or cooking upon my worst enemy, and that is partially true. But truth be told: chef, teacher, or culinary professor- Maverik will be given all the support he could possibly need- he'll need it!

Food Is Love, 

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